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Move to Australia (Skilled & Investors)


Intend to move to the land down under? With over 29 Australian visas and immigration programs available, speak with a Dunlin consultant today!

There are many reasons why people want to migrate to Australia with primary factors including securing a better future for their families, greater opportunities for work and studies or maybe just to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Migrating can be a daunting process filled with challenges and confusion.

From applying for the visa, preparing the documents, getting your new permanent residency and to actually moving to Australia, there are many steps involved in the entire process. Speak to our Immigration Advisers to learn more on how you can apply to move to Australia today.

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Immigration Programs Available (Australia)

Skilled & Investors

Skilled Single 

Skilled Married

Investor 188A (Business)

Investor 188B (Investor)

Investor 188C (Investor)

Investor 188D (Investor)

Investor 132 (Business/Investor)

Work Visas

457 Work Visa (3 Stages)

457 Work Visa (3rd Stage Only)

Investor 888 (Permanent)

400 Temporary Work Visa


Skilled Regional Visa (887)

Prospective Marriage Visa

Partner Visa

Partner Visa (De-facto)

Child Visa (SC101)

Child Visa (SC802)

Parent Visa (Contributory)

Retirement Visa (Investor)

Temporary Graduate Visa (SC485)

Student and Guardian Visa

457 Subsequent Entrant Visa

489 Subsequent Entrant Visa

Citizenship Visa

How Does Dunlin Help Me?

A dedicated Dunlin Immigration Consultant will work with you to...

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  • Recommend Available Immigration Programs

  • Getting Started on Migration Process

  • Prepare All Required Legal Documentation

  • Manage Your Move To Your Destination Country

  • Resettlement Concierge Services (Schools, homes & education)

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