General Terms and Conditions

1. Club Membership is subject to approval and is strictly non-transferable.

2. All membership subscription fees paid for current or advance membership terms are strictly non-refundable for any unused years of subscription upon resignation, termination in any manner whatsoever, or change of membership types.

3. Members shall be responsible for informing Dunlin of any change to their mailing address or personal particulars. Dunlin shall not be responsible for any dispute or situation regardless of whether it results in any loss or damage that may arise due to incorrect or outdated records.

4. Membership is renewed automatically within two (2) months before expiry regardless of whether the Member uses Dunlin facilities/benefits. All subscription dues shall be settled at the time of resignation. To opt out from auto-renewal of membership, a Member must submit in writing his/her intention at least two (2) months before membership expiry to


5. Spouses and Children of Members are not permitted access to any Dunlin benefits and privileges and separate memberships must be applied for each dependent to use Dunlin benefits and privileges.

6. The Dunlin Member shall be fully liable for all liabilities and/or debts incurred for any transactions entered into furing membership term, and shall indemnify Dunlin in full against any claim, loss and damages which may be suffered by Dunlin as a result of any misuse of Dunlin membership.


7. Members leaving Singapore for more than twelve (12) months may apply for cancellation or a waiver of membership fees. All applications for cancellations or waivers must be submitted to Dunlin Membership Services Division at least one (1) month in advance.


8. Any Member who wishes to resign from Dunlin Membership must write-in to effect the resignation. Their participation in sub-clubs and other Dunlin schemes will cease upon their resignation. 


9. Members agree to be bound by Dunlin's Privacy Policy, as shall be amended from time to time, which outlines how Dunlin manages a Member’s personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 or such other statutory provisions, and shall be deemed to have consented to Dunlin’s collection, use or disclosure of a Member’s personal data for purposes set out therein relating to Members, Dunlin’s general business purposes, any purposes reasonably connected with the above mentioned purposes and any other purposes for which Dunlin have specially obtained consent.


10. Dunlin reserves the right to terminate the Membership due to non-receipt of subscription fees.

11. A Member found to have misled Dunlin may have his/her Membership revoked if such misleading information or omissions or misrepresentations result in the breach of the By-Laws, Terms and Conditions or where the Member would not be eligible or qualified to be a member of Dunlin if not for the misleading information or omissions or misrepresentations.


12. Dunlin reserves the right to amend the By-Laws or any Terms and Conditions implemented in accordance with the By-Laws, without prior notice and Members shall be deemed to have notice and shall abide with such amendments accordingly.


13. Dunlin Volunteers are subjected to a different set of terms and conditions and membership is by invitation only.