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United States of America

About USA

The United States of America is home to the world’s largest immigrant population, with individuals hailing from all over the world. As the world’s foremost economic power with a large manufacturing sector and a sophisticated services and knowledge economy, America continues to be a main destination for families and companies. 


Green Card (USA Permanent Resident Visas)

  • Free primary and secondary education, subsidized tertiary education

  • Increased odds of securing university scholarships

  • Children do not require student visas to study in any USA colleges or universities

  • Welfare system for elderly

  • Highly advanced medical system

  • Applicants are eligible for USA citizenship in 5 years

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EB-5 Visa (Fifth Preference EB-5)

The EB-5 visa is an investment immigration program implemented by USCIS to attract foreign investment for infrastructure and job creation purposes. It was officially launched in 1993 by the United States Congress. Originally, a temporary organization was established with the purpose of using investment channels to attract more foreigners to contribute to US economy. The current EB-5 system, which constitutes of a network of regional centers, was implemented in 2004. Since the beginning of the EB-5 program, tens of thousands of investors and their families have successfully received Green Cards (USA permanent resident visas).

Investors and Entrepreneurs can apply for permanent residency in the United States by investing in businesses that will benefit the US economy under the following options:

Investing in a new commercial enterprise

The minimum requirement is to invest a minimum of US$1,000,000 or US$500,000 in an area of high unemployment. The investor has to be able to create employment for at least 10 qualified United States workers and be actively involved in the management of the business.

Effective November 21st 2019, the investment amounts will be increased from US$1,000,000 and US$500,000 to US$1,800,000 and US$900,000 respectively. We urge all clients who are considering to obtain a USA Green Card to act with haste and contact us immediately.

Investing in a Government Approved EB-5 Project

The USCIS has a pre-approved list of Regional Centres that helps investors fulfil the requirements for EB-5. Our consultants have personally visited some of these EB-5 projects to ensure their viability and primarily to give our clients piece of mind.

The EB-3 Visa is an employment-based Green Card solution that grants permanent resident status in the USA to foreign nationals who receive an offer of permanent, full-time employment from a qualified U.S. employer. We work with multiple employers in the USA to coordinate such qualifying offers of employment exclusively for our immigration clients who retain our professional services. The main applicant, spouse and children below the age of 21 will all receive Green Cards.

USA EB3 Visa

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Free Assessment

The process of migration can be tedious and a hassle. With over 12 years of experience, Dunlin can help you migrate with ease. Let our experienced consultants assess your immigration eligibility and assist you to achieve your goals!

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Immigration to the USA

Foreign citizens wishing to immigrate and live permanently in the U.S. must comply with U.S. visa immigration laws, and specific procedures to apply for visas. At Dunlin, our team is highly experienced with working with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for immigration matters, including naturalization.

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