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If you have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) for 2 years or more, you are eligible to apply to be a Singapore Citizen.

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Speak to our Immigration Advisers to learn more on how you can apply for Singapore Citizenship today.

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How Will Engaging Dunlin's Immigration Services Help Me?

We'll will work with you to...

  • Prepare your application accurately

  • Prepare supporting documents

  • Submit your application 

With Dunlin, you can be assured of...

  • Thorough Case Management while your application is pending

  • On-going support until you receive your application result

  • A timely and accurate submission

Dunlin is an introducer and not a distributor of Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Pte) Limited ("Prudential") products. Dunlin cannot give advice or provide any recommendation on any Prudential products or arrange any contract of Insurance in respect of life policies, other than to the extent of carrying out introducer activities. Dunlin may receive a fee through the introduction and will disclose any fee, if it is requested by you. 

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