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How to Appeal a Singapore PR Application Rejection

How to Appeal a Singapore PR Application Rejection


If your Singapore Permanent Residency application was recently rejected, it is better to submit an appeal to the ICA within 30 days from the date of the rejection of your Singapore PR application (despite the appeal window period being up to 6 months).

When submitting an appeal to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) to request for a reconsideration of your Permanent Residency application, it is always better to support your appeal letter with relevant supporting documents backing up your appeal claims.

It is wise to avoid mentioning that you would like to stay in Singapore due to its cleanliness, good economy, and other reasons on why you enjoy being in the country as the ICA probably receives these types of letters all the time. Rather, to submit a powerful appeal and increase your chances of successful reconsideration, you should focus your appeal letter on:

  1. Your activities that show you are well-integrated into the Singaporean society

  2. Family relationships in Singapore (if any)

  3. Notable personal achievements

  4. Notable contributions towards your work 

  5. Your future plans should your application be successfully reconsidered

  6. Other factors you feel will showcase your integration into Singapore


Not sure how to prepare your appeal letter? We will look into your full application and advise on the areas you should focus on in your appeal, all for free.


Submitting a New Application

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Updated: January 2022

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