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Students Can Now Apply For Singapore

Permanent Residency.

Get Started Today:

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If you have completed your PSLE, GCE 'O', 'A' or 'N' Level Examinations and resided in Singapore for over 2 years, you are eligible to apply.

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Speak to our Immigration Advisers to learn more on how you can apply for Singapore Permanent Residency today.

  • Our consultations are completely free & non-obligatory

  • Learn how we can get you approved as a PR

How Will Engaging Dunlin's Immigration Services Help Me?

A dedicated Dunlin Immigration Consultant will work with you to...

  • Prepare your full application;

  • Prepare Supporting documents to support your application;

  • Submit your Application to the ICA.

With Dunlin, you can be assured of...

  • Thorough Case Management while your application is pending;

  • On-going support until you receive your application result;

  • A strong and accurate submission.

Tips When Applying For Singapore PR:
  1. You are advised to download the correct application form and fill it accurately before uploading it to the eSubmission System. Use the ICA self-assessment tool to know which form you will need;

  2. The application form has to be filled accurately with no omission of information, with the necessary declarations annexed where required;

  3. You are advised to prepare a Cover Letter stating:

    1. Your activities since your arrival into Singapore,

    2. Your current social integration activities,

    3. Past and present contributions to your employer(s) and to the nation,

    4. Your future plans as a Permanent Resident should the ICA approve your application;

  4. You may submit additional supporting documents with a signed Request Form (get a copy at ICA Level 5 Reception Counter) to the ICA manually at the ICA Building after your online submission;

  5. Your FIN Number may be banned from the eSubmission system if spam attempts are detected;

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